Imminent release of AMOLED Tablet PC by Samsung

Samsung Display (SDC) unveiled AMOLED panels for 8” and 10” tablet PCs, which is known to be on the market by Samsung Electronics (SSE) from this July.

140611_Samsung Display’s 8” (left) and 10” (right) AMOLED for tablet PCs

<Samsung Display’s 8” (left) and 10” (right) AMOLED for tablet PCs>


Their detailed specifications were not publicized but assumed to be 8.4” and 10.5” with WQXGA (2560 x 1600) resolution. It is forecasted that M6 will be used in the unveiled AMOLED panel for the tablet PC which is an upgraded luminescent material from one used in Galaxy S5. Phosphorescence red and green of DS-Hi-Metal and Cheil Industries Inc. are applied to the M6 material.

Samsung has been focusing on the tablet PC area as a major business from early this year and expects that the tablet PC will become a device experiencing unprecedentedly rapid growth in IT history as display penetration rate for the tablet PC increases fast.

Samsung already launched 7.7” Galaxy tap, which adopted 7.7” AMOLED panel in 2011.

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