Finding a way for OLED industry in flexible

Samsung is preparing to introduce foldable AMOLED panel applied mobile product, and LG will release a new product with the flexible AMOLED panel in the latter half of this year.

As the flexible OLED commercializes, its R&D also accelerates. It was analyzed that the trend of papers published at SID 2014 is the flexible OLED as 9 more papers totaling 23 regarding the flexible OLED were published at SID 2014 than 14 papers 2013.

SEL displayed its best technology in the flexible OLED by introducing a tri-folded AMOLED panel, a book type AMOLED panel, and 13.5” and 5.2” high resolution flexible AMOLED panels at SID 2014. AMOLED latecomers such as AUO, BOE and CSOT also published papers on the flexible AMOLED panel and showed that more display companies are entering the flexible OLED development.

As such, active R&D on the flexible OLED is carried out by industry-academic-institute, and it is expected that the flexible will be more focused in the OLED display sector. A keyword of the flexible will differentiate it from the LCD and is expected to lead the display industry.

140625_ SEL’s 5.9” tri-folded AMOLED panel at SID2014

 SEL’s 5.9” tri-folded AMOLED panel at SID2014


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