Solution Processing OLED Era is coming

At the International Workshop on Flexible & Printable Electronics, IWFPE held in Jeonju, Konica-Minolta and DuPont presented diverse technologies that converts the OLED production process which requires a glass substrate into the technology of using a flexible substrate and printing technology.

Konica-Minolta is under development of the OLED panel for lighting and the production of a flexible OLED panel as a printing technology of R2R method for the first time in the world is imminent. Based on the camera film production technology, Konica-Minolta has a wide range of light-emitting materials technology and also the R2R technology at the same time, getting attention as a front-runner to open a new era of flexible electronics.

DuPont is the pioneer of the solution processed OLED display business as well. Equipped with the nozzle printing method which is its own printing technology, it continued to research and develop for many years with Samsung Display. The most critical benefit of the solution OLED is that it is the only technology to manufacture a large area OLED panel over 55-inch with RGB method at a large equipment bigger than the Gen8. DuPont completed the technological development of containment creation, ink deposition, and ink drying which are the essential technologies for the production of the solution OLED panel and is accelerating the commercialization. DuPont prospects that the solution OLED panel market will be open within three years at the latest.

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