SolMateS developed ITO deposition technology without damage

The Dutch deposition equipment specialized company SolMateS unveiled the new OLED deposition process.

The newly developed deposition process by the SolMateS is a full transparent OLED called ‘soft-landing’ based on SolMateS’ pulsed laser deposition (PLD), which already obtained the patent. According to the SolMateS, the existing deposition technology like sputtering may cause damage to organic layers whereas the ‘soft-landing’ method enables to put an ITO thin layer on top of the OLED without damaging as it is proceeded in an even process temperature.

And recent test result shows not much difference in their functions between the OLED of 80% transparency and aluminum electrode OLED of no transparency. The ITO was deposited in the speed of sputter and PLD tool of 200mm is possible.

Arjen Janssens, the CEO of SolMateS mentioned that ‘PLD technology can be applied to various OLED applications using multiple transparency such as transparent lighting, display, smart window or top emitting OLED display, and it will be of great help for highly efficient organic solar cells.’

Established in 2006 in the Netherlands, the SolMateS is the deposition equipment supplier based on the laser deposition.


Source – SolMateS

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