Samsung, uncovered the Healthcare specialized smartwatch Simband

CNET reported on the release of Samsung’s wearable device the Simband at the Samsung Developer Conference held in San Francisco.

The prior Simband launched early May of this year was not a smartwatch type but a health band design with the function focused on health tracking to collect vast amount of data for researchers or medical specialists. Furthermore, it had a wide range of medical demands and sensor technologies, and in particular, it used SAMI cloud solution that collects and analyzes Samsung’s sensor-based health data.

Similar to the previous model, this Simband constantly measures medical data from various sensors. The display provides information as to heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, amount of co2 and oxygen as well as blood pressure simulation.

<Simband that Samsung disclosed at the Developer Conference, Source ? CNET>

Samsung stated that this Simband is strengthened with the sensor, algorithm, and waterproof functions. Though the specifics concerning the display was not mentioned, it is considered that the AMOLED panel for the Gear S was used given that it is curved display and 2 inches.

Source – CNET

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