OLED TV, becomes the Quantum Dot TV just by placing a dot in the name?

Though they are a part of sales gimmick, extremely deluding names are emerging.

For OLED TV, the technology name “OLED” makes it easier for a consumer to recognize the differences of TVs precisely as it uses the OLED panel which is a spontaneous emission method employed to realize brightness and color. In the beginning of last year, LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics made it clear that it is not LCD TV by literally using the term ‘OLED TV’ for the TVs manufactured using OLED panel. But for LED TV, it should be named as LCD TV adopting LED BLU. The LED TV is the one that controls light only with LED.

The name LED TV was a dangerous concept allowing for that it is safe to deceive general customers to sell products. This concern reoccurs for the LCD TV employing the quantum dot technology. As the LCD TV adopting the quantum dot technology emerges as a new rising star of the TV market, the TV set producers are planning to ship the products under the names of QD TV, QLED TV, or Q Dot TV. While they are naming the LCD product as if it is a new TV made only with the quantum dot while in reality, the quantum dot technology is added to the LED backlight to improve the color reproducibility and power consumption.

The worst name is “QLED TV” which was created just by putting a dot in the OLED TV. It is assumed to be the combination of the terms LED TV and quantum dot. But it is very similar to the name ‘OLED TV’ that commonly recognized as the next generation TV to the extent of confusing as OLED TV.

In the TV market that becomes more and more competitive as time passes, the differentiation strategy is crucial to make a distinction with other companies. However, this immoral and disgraceful trick of playing with consumers with naming must be stopped. Like an automobile company gets a considerable penalty for selling a car with false mileage, the strict sanctions must be imposed upon TV manufacturers using names to deceive customers.

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