JOLED Propels Printing OLED…“19.3` Development Complete, Mass Production in 2018”

Tomoaki Tsuboka, Corporate Officer in JOLED(Tokyo=OLEDNET)

Tomoaki Tsuboka, Corporate Officer in JOLED(Tokyo=OLEDNET)

Hyunjoo Kang / Reporter /

JOLED has completed development of 19.3 inch and 12.2 inch OLED panel through printing technology, with plans of mass production in 2018.

During the FineTech Japan (April 6-8) Special Session, Tomoaki Tsuboka, Corporate Officer and Head of Business Development in JOLED, gave a talk titled The Strategy of JOLED to Challenge Innovation and revealed this information.

According to Tsuboka, JOLED recently completed printing technology based 12.2 inch FHD flexible OLED panel, and 19.3 inch 4K OLED panel prototype development. The 12.2 inch product has pixel density of 180 ppi, and 19.3 inch is 230 ppi.

It is planning to start prototype’s mass production related verification process from this August, and begin formal mass production from 2018. In order to achieve this, JOLED is preparing Gen4.5 mass production line (730 x 920 mm).

Until now, JOLED’s main products were mass produced OLED panel for smartphone. Its strategy is to enter the large size market through the printing technology and using it as the growth engine. During this session, Tsuboka explained the characteristics of printing OLED mass production technology and emphasized the superiority of JOLED’s printing technology.

Tsuboka explained that the RGB printing technology can actualize large size OLED panel in atmosphere, and has short processes. However, further improvements are required regarding mura, material characteristics, etc. In the case of JOLED, he added that this was much improved through independent technology, as well as algorithm improvement, and materials and device structure optimization.

He told the attendees that JOLED is attempting to enter the large size panel market with printing technology. He also emphasized that as OLED can actualize high quality flexible, freeform, and transparent panels, it will bring innovation to spaces such as station, airport, and gallery.

FineTech Japan 2016 (April 6-8) is a display technology related exhibition held in Tokyo Big Sight. The 26th annual event is participated by approximately 260 companies including Samsung Display, BOE, and Japan Display.

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