Ambitious Foxconn, Buys Nokia Mobile Phone Business



Foxconn Headquarters, Source: Foxconn

Foxconn buys Nokia mobile phone business (Source: Foxconn)

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Foxconn, which became a focus of global attention with the Sharp takeover, bought Nokia ’s mobile phone business.

It is reported that FIH Mobile Ltd, a subsidiary of Foxconn, bought Nokia’s feature phone business from Microsoft for USD 350 million. Accordingly, Foxconn now controls Nokia feature phone’s manufacturing, sales, and distribution. Foxconn also signed strategic partnership with HMD global that oversees product development and sales. HMD global is expected to invest USD 500 million for the development of Android-based smartphone, tablet, and feature phone for the next 5 years.

Foxconn took over Sharp in March, earlier this year. With this takeover, Foxconn is estimated to acquire LCD mass production line and also gradually be equipped with OLED mass production line for mobile device and TV. DigiTimes research estimates that Foxconn will mass produce OLED panel for smartphone from 2018 and begin OLED panel mass production for TV from 2021.

Some sections of securities industry have suggested that Foxconn’s takeover of Sharp allows for vertical integration of Sharp panels, and business expansion to include set such as smartphone and TV will be possible.

That Foxconn purchased Nokia’s mobile phone business after strengthening display mass production area reinforces this idea. It could be understood as a resolve to renew itself as a set company with their own brand surpassing their main business OEM.

Some are anticipating Nokia’s return as the mobile phone leader of the past with the Foxconn’s purchase of Nokia’s mobile phone business. However, the business still struggled even after Microsoft’s takeover move in 2014 worth EUR 5,400 million. As such, many believe that it will not be easy for Nokia to reclaim their former success.

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