eMagin, developed IHMD to lead the microdisplay market

The U.S based OLED microdisplay company eMagin released the development of the Immersive Head Mounted Display (IHMD) on the company’s website which is to be the next generation of microdisplay.

This IHMD of eMagin is equipped with 2k by 2k high-resolution OLED microdisplay and patented optics compared to the bigger and lower resolution cell phone display and conventional optics.

Andrew Sculley, the CEO of eMagazin said that, ‘We will shift the performance and paradigm of VR HMD by developing a wide range of applications.’ Jerom Carollo, the vice president added that ‘OLED microdisplay is the fundamental reason that the size and the weight of VR HMD counterpart can be reduced in half.’

A field of view is over 100 degrees and the resolution is from 1 megapixel per eye (MP/eye) to 4 MP/eye. The IHMD offers the viewer function like ‘flip-up’ which is not available in any other VR HMD.

eMagin announced that it will hold an open competition to launch the IHMD. The first prototype is expected to be completed at the end of 2014 with the resolution of 4 MP/eye. eMagin hopes the IHMD to be applied to diverse areas including game, medical, architecture, 3D design, education, military use, etc., and the initial target will be the game market.

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