A3 Line Operation Capacity Pushes Down Galaxy S6 Edge Price

The price of Galaxy S6 Edge, which initially exceeded approximately US$ 1,200 when released, recorded US$ 739 in second week of July 2015 (source: www.amazon.com). This is more than a 40% decrease in price in about 3 months, and it is analyzed that this is 5% greater price reduction than Galaxy S6, and approximately 13% greater than Galaxy Note 4 Edge.

The period where the decrease is highest is between third and fourth week of April with approximately 23% drop. The biggest reason for this is analyzed to be active operation of A3 line from April. As A3 line began mass producing Galaxy S6 Edge flexible AMOLED panel, the supply shortage issue improved, and yield and productivity increased more than existing flexible AMOLED panel applied to Galaxy Note 4 Edge.

Samsung Display’s current flexible AMOLED panel mass production lines are a section of A2 line and A3 line. It is expected that investment that will convert a part of rigid panel A2 line to flexible will be carried out and the line will be in operation in the second half of 2015. Following this, from the second half of this year, flexible AMOLED panel mass production capacity will further improve and it will become easier to acquire the panels. The industry’s attention is focused on how Samsung Display’s flexible AMOLED line investment will affect the sales of future flexible AMOLED panel applied Galaxy models.

Galaxy S6 Series Price Change Comparison

Galaxy S6 Series Price Change Comparison


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